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Candle logo that is orange burnt orange and white with a red candle
Diseño sin título

Candle Collection

About me...

My roots are from a  country where the plains are endless, the mountains lofty to the sky, the blue sea as deep as its waters and the sky so azure that you get lost in its endless serenity. Nature holds a place of honor in such lands. Plants, flowers… madness of the senses. I remember, as if it happened yesterday, the unmistakable smell of the shops where you could find nature in a package-smaller or larger, according to everyone's need and liking. These old apothecaries were called Plafar. And their universe was magical. I used to spend endless hours sniffing essences, discovering aromas and holding in my hands delicate dried herbs and flowers; a true delight.

House Plants and Candle
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